105 degrees at 20:00 Hours


On Monday, it was off to Mexico for Trent and Yuma for me (for work). The work went well....if you consider working in a convection oven to be a measure of success (it was 115 deg), and there were a number of giant explosions with which to mark the passage of time in our little corner of Hell. It was a stark contrast to Reno, where I dragged 30lbs of dirt out to the car in a t-shirt in 45 deg weather. Trent would have loved that - he hates the heat.

I took some photos during the drive over.......of myself..............let's face it, there isn't much else to see on the drive from Tucson to Yuma. I think we'll call them "Self-portrait of Hot" (temperature, that is). I learned a fun new photoshop trick in the process. So much to know still. I need to remember I can't master every skill....the rest can be glossed over in my catalogue of Dilletante skills. Enjoy!

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Beth at: May 24, 2008 said...

ummm shouldn't you have been looking at the road???
hopefully one day we can merge our PS skill set- I'm learning some pretty cool stuff.

Trent's hair looks adorable!

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