We're Somebody Now!

Folks, I realize nobody is actually looking at this yet....but one of these days we'll get around to posting some photos and catch you up to what we've been doing as of late. In the meantime, here's the Reader's Digest version:

1) The wedding I spend so much time daydreaming about, but have no time to plan, is set for late Fall. We have a dress, a venue (in Tubac, AZ), and a list of fabulous people - like you! - who we hope will celebrate with us. What else could we possibly need?

2) We have a house in Reno and two dogs. Chloe is our husky and Carson is our cattledog/shep/border collie mix. They are a riot.

3) We've been playing outside as much as we can this spring. Trent likes to do tough and manly outside things and i mostly follow him around with my trusty camera. Trent gets to do that for work, too, all over the Americas. I drive a desk most of the time....but at least it's a bumpy one. There's a sweet earthquake swarm a couple of miles west of here, and it keeps things interesting...

We'll be back as soon as we can with something fun... In the meantime, check out
some semi-recent PHOTOS from our adventures on our Flickr page.
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Beth at: May 13, 2008 said...

oh you're someone now.. I'm on to you jensen/newkirks...love the photos (on flickr) some I'd even buy...

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