Stuff the dogs eat...

Laughing at Carson with a bone so big he can't fit through the dog door, I am reminded of all of the other things the dogs eat that aren't quite so funny. Here, along with the photo montage at right, is only a partial list of our many things that met their demise in the teeth of our dogs...

- our socks -
- some old film -
- my shoelaces -
- my sunglasses -
- the houseplants -
- so many chapsticks -
- the bathroom trash -
- a full box of floor tile -
- Trent's running shoes -
- the corners of my rugs -
- a good loaf of sourdough -
- our salt and pepper shakers -
- the kickballs in the backyard -
- all those tomatoes (who knew?) -
- my leftovers from dinner tonight-
-Kari's newly planted flowers-
-(and, quite possibly, her pond frog) -
AND, last, but certainly not least....
the arm off the new chair....
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