Trumpets and Bad Hair

Well, I'm finally back home in Reno and hoping to squeeze in a few minutes to relax this weekend.... Trent is in Mexico for work for the next couple of weeks, and he tells me it's going quite well so far. Hopefully he'll post some pics and a little blurb about what he's up to down there.

We had a whirlwind of a weekend last weekend in Tucson. We flew down on ExpressJet, which could possibly have been the roughest descent I have ever sat through. I read somewhere that in airline fear classes they teach you that your airplane in the air is like an airplane floating on jello - it bounces and ripples through the jello, but doesn't fall through. I think that imagery helped a bit...

We saw all of Trent's Tucson family while there. Uncle Gordon has taken it upon himself to collect the brass section of an orchestra, so here are a few silly pics of everyone practicing their trumpeting skills, and Trent's visit to the Rhiannon, Seaton & Dulaney Hair Salon and Spa. They even brush your eyelashes there!

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Trent at: May 23, 2008 said...

Good thing you don't have any pictures of my new hair cut.

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