So, the way I see it, Trent has two choices when deciding to become a Gen-U-Wine Rockstar.... it all depends on which of my album covershots he uses. Should he select the emo route with Wilco-esque lyrics and whiney melodies, he will have to go with the cover shown above. If, however, he chooses to go back to his roots and pull off a folky country revival in the manner of Bob Dylan's 'Nashville Skyline', he'll have to go with the photo below. Unfortunately, however, the lower photo will only be appearing on the back jacket of the LP version.

P.S. - that's Jim, Carrie and Trent in downtown Reno. We're hip here. Pin It


Erin at: June 11, 2008 said...

i could see trent as bob dylan on the cover of nashville skyline - all folked out holding a - ah - is it a guitar on the cover??? love it! love the upper photo sara!

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