Shameless Self-Congratulation

Well, yesterday I finally started my thrice-weekly bike commute, or so I hope. Granted, if you are Trent and can make the 40-mile mountain bike trek to Truckee in a single afternoon with ease, the ride up from the river to DRI would be easy as pie. But I'm not Trent...I am built like a hobbit, portly in places, and my legs with their 15" inseam (seriously, i'm not actually that short) have to work overtime to haul myself and my single speed 7 miles uphill. Ahh, but the ride home was a sweet sweet reward...

Please come back soon...I've got sooo many photos from the past week - rodeo, kayaking, target practice with the new arrows, dog photos, etc. I just need a quiet day to edit and post them. Frankly, we've been so busy lately it's a wonder I get any work done at all. Pin It


Tom & Beth at: July 05, 2008 said...

get yourself some gears girl!!! I don't care if its not cool it makes life much happier.. And fyi you're putting us all to shame with your activities, work, wedding planning, photo editing/posting & home cooking.. damn.. I guess you don't watch TV

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