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We finally got ourselves out of town (finally for me, that is - Trent just got back in town) and hit Lake Tahoe on Sunday. We paddled along the shore for most of the afternoon. The weather and water were pefect, and the upshot of the raucous summer crowds is the giant wave trains that their loud motorcraft produce. With the later afternoon winds we had pretty sizable least I thought it was exciting. A quick but delicious dinner and a few beers before the sun went down at T's Mesquite Rotisserie in Incline Village rounded out a perfect day. That's the birthday I meant to have on Saturday. Thanks to Trent for putting together my perfect day!

P.S. This is what the fishes see. Trent got a waterproof camera a while back - it's a Pentax I think. We took underwater pics of the salmon spawning last fall, it was rad.

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