News from the summit

We christened this year's foot-powered trail adventure season with a slow ascent of Freel Peak {here's another link to a good Freel Peak page} on Sunday with Wolfy and Smella. The air was a little hazy - the news reported 400 lightning ignitions in California on Saturday - but the hike was gorgeous and Trent lashed me to the dogs to make them haul me uphill. The only downside was the careless abandon with which I left my wallet on the dinner table in South Lake Tahoe....that's a 3-hour round trip to retrieve it tonight...

After escaping from the truck immediately after our arrival at the trailhead and running off for an hour and a half....BEFORE our hike....they are exhausted today. Chloe can barely stand up. Not to be a bad dog parent....but it's a nice change to have a pair of dog cripples once in a while - the house is super calm. The rest of the photos from the hike (a dozen or so) will be up on our Flickr site this afternoon. Cheers! Pin It


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