Confessions of a Grocery Junkie

With the combined forces of wildfire and erratic winds rapidly converting California back into a sparsely populated wilderness, the haze and smoke in the air makes being out of doors in Reno a near impossibility. So....I took this opportunity to get lost in our new Whole Foods market for an hour or two. Want to hear the nerdiest part of it? With prices up and money tight, I actually took a notebook and wrote down the prices of the things I commonly buy for comparison really, I'm serious. Anyways.... after the underhanded buyout of Wild Oats, I was worried I would have to avoid Whole Foods. Fortunately - or unfortunately - with the magnetic lure of 4 salad bars, an indoor-outdoor seating area anchored by a giant stone fireplace, a deli and meat counter the length of an olympic swimming pool, and an emphasis on organic, California-grown produce, my moral resolve melted like cheap make-up in Nevada's summer heat. [That, if you didn't catch it, might have been a Sephora reference....]. Two quick highlights from today's saunter down aisle after aisle of carnival-scale amazements - organic teas from a Nevada-based company called Davidson's and my 10-minute indecision on which kind of lox to buy.....there was actually an entire cold case devoted entirely to smoked salmon. I got the kind with dilled edges - the kind of luxury best served with no added antibiotics or hormones.

And a few quick highlights from Trent's adventures in Idaho fieldwork.... he sends these text messages: "There's a guy here with lines cut into this hair", the classic "The woman next to me has hands far bigger than mine," and the ever popular "In a taste test, I preferred Miller Lite." Pin It


Stroller Strides Flagstaff at: July 11, 2008 said...

i cannot even tell you how jealous i am...
although w/ the new new frontiers we are getting closer.. but not really.

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