Happy 14th of July!


In a true homage to procrastination and an overly-busy life these days, we are just now getting around to posting about our picturesque long weekend in Wisconsin for the 4th of July holidays. Ahh the good life: we played with babies, played with dogs, kayaked in the early morning when the only sounds were the drip-drip-drip of our paddles through the rice grass, drank champagne, sampled the local brew selections, and of course, ate some brats and cheese. We even got to see the Blue Angels fly over the local Eagle River parade.

A few other highlights: Trent likes to take corners fast in a speedboat, which makes Sara have heart palpitations. Trent likes to ram Sara's kayak going full speed, which makes Sara have heart palpitations. And of course, Trent likes to take corners like a race car in the golf cart, which, if you've been paying attention, likely precedes 'which makes Sara have heart palpitations.' Let's see, he also mooned me on the golf course and tried to make me hold 3 babies at once.

On a more relaxing note, we spent most nights watching the sun sink slowly over Eagle Lake into ripples and streams of plum, orange and gold, sitting by the fire and fighting off the mosquitoes. They are building an army up there, let me tell you...

Many thanks to Tom, Marsha, Garret and Erin for their hospitality. The rest of the photos will be up on Flickr soon (I hope)....at 3 months' backlog, we'll be lucky if I get anything posted....

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Tom at: July 18, 2008 said...

We really enjoyed the brief time together and getting to know Sara. The work on the blog is first class and always interesting.

Tom and Marsha

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