Nevada Legislature Devalues Education....again....

Well, before I get around to posting photos and stories from our adventures in Wisconsin this past Fourth of July weekend, I'd like to share with you the sad state of the Nevada System of Higher Education. During it's most recent special session, in response to general economic woes, the Legislature approved a resolution to cut state expenditures by over $275 million. Of that, between $80 and $100 million is expected in budget reductions for the NSHE system. Although we are relatively safe at DRI, with the majority of funding from outside sources, it is a devastating ruling for the rest of the higher education system. At UNR alone, 78 faculty and administrative positions were cut during FY2008. And they even went so far as to eliminate the marching band.... shame on Nevada.
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Trent at: July 08, 2008 said...

NSHE that's funny, I was unaware of higher education in Nevada.

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