There's no 'Bs' in Veggies


You might have read in the news lately that we are facing a sudden and dramatic decline in bee populations in the US. About a third of the world's food crops depend on bees as pollinators, and waning bee populations, apparantly from a combination of mites and virus, are also a threat to global food production. And sadly, it is the case in my own tiny veggie crop growing in barrels in the side yard. I haven't seen a single bee visit my squash, and after noticing they would produce a wealth of tiny squash that never matured, I started hand-pollinating them. The tomatoes do ok - they can self-pollinate - but squash have distinct male and female flowers, the latter of which are connected to the tiny squashlets and only grow to full size when fertilized. So there it is....every morning I go out there with my trusty Q-Tip and fertilize my squash. And lo and behold, here you have it, my crowning measly squash. Hopefully a bigger harvest is on the way.... Pin It


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