Yoked Oxen

With heavy gray clouds keeping the temperature in check today, I finally got out of town for a few hours. Chloe, Carson and I sauntered up White's Creek for a couple of hours this morning, to the intoxicating smell of wild roses and the gurgling of the clearest water you've ever seen. It was a full body workout, taking all my strength to oppose the will of the dogs; their combined excitement at the wilderness leads them to drag me through the woods with all the power of two yoked oxen. Carson doesn't run away off leash, but his bark is loud and sharp and tends to frighten people we see on the trail - they hold up their hands and cringe as though he thinks their fingers are sausages and is apt to bite them off. Silly hikers.... Anyways, White's Creek and it's sister to the north, Thomas Creek are true gems in Reno's backyard. Next time I'll bring the camera... all I can document now is the exhausted dogs...
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Tom at: July 22, 2008 said...

pttusekWe are glad that the dogs protect you.

Tom and Marsha

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