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I don't normally post things that will make you cry, as there is little in the day-to-day that Trent and I share that would bring you down. However, every once in a while I run across something that I think is important to share. Today I found the Arlington National Cemetary's entry for Steve McGowan, a roommate of mine from our college days on New St. in Newark. Delaware Online also published a multimedia series called "Losing Stephen" that follows his mom, through her visit from the notification soldiers to the funerals (yes, I said funerals), to a tribute in Colorado. If you can only listen to one section of the "Losing Stephen" project, it should be chapter 4: An Official Goodbye. I find the tradition of roll call - thrice calling for the soldiers on the battlefield - particularly moving.

There is nothing quite like the death of a friend to put the cost of warfare into perspective, and remind us to make greater effort towards peaceful conflict resolution, be it on a global or personal scale. Seriously (cries my tree-hugging side), why can't we just all get along?? I encourage you to read the stories of his life and almost unimaginable death. Over and Out.
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tom at: August 19, 2008 said...

Yes we do need to hear about the personal side of the war so as not to become mere zombies watching the news and not thinking that real people are seriously affected

Erin Young at: October 28, 2008 said...

man - so sad - i'm going to send a care package to the soldiers tomorrow!!! it was sad the night i flew over Iraq - from like 20,000 feet up it sure looked peaceful - but in reality the fires that dotted the landscape were all burning at oil well heads - city lights didn't advertise a good time; they looked really bleak and stagnant - I just new that there were horrific things going on - and that have gone on - below me.

Erin Young at: October 28, 2008 said...

oops - spelling error - knew, not new!

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