Back to work again....

It was such a busy weekend on Allen St, I feel like I need a day off from my day off, though coworker S and I haven't quite perfected the art of creating time (but we maintain high hopes). Yard work, housework, painting, dog baths, a quick search around Reno for the perfect slab of stone to put our pellet stove on, then a short afternoon hike that morphed into a grand was a busy 2 days.

The trail we took yesterday, the bottom portion of Mt. Tallac trail, was gorgeous, albeit rather steep
and uncharacteristically colluvial. The majority of the elevation gain in those first 3 miles is on switchbacks over boulder and scree slopes, with the trail winding along as a shallow notch into the prevailing angle of repose. The reward was Grass Lake, a pristine lake with marshy woods to the east, and rocky exposures to the west (the photo above is from Lily Lake, near the trailhead, not Grass). The dogs had a nice swim and Kari took a dip.

Look, Kari comes with her very own magical rainbow.

In other news, Trent and Jim hiked up to a ridge top in the Rubies yesterday to get just enough service to call in to the women. They are doing fine; haven't nabbed dinner yet, but have reported that meat on the hoof is plentiful, and hope to be out of the backcountry by Thursday night. Pin It


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