Bacon on the Hoof.

Without a better plan for a Friday evening, I took a collection of camera lenses to the NV State Fair. Oh the sights to see - an Indiana Jones lego figure made out of cake, a shriveled rotten pear that won the fruit competition because this year was a bad year for fruit trees, someone hosing off a cow with a garden hose, and a sheep whose bleat sounded like a bad case of gastrointestinal distress. While we're on that subject, I should also add that I ate a corndog. Yeah....a corndog....

I stayed until the sun set over the tractor pull (which, in fact, is no longer a tractor, but a low-bed trailer that drags in the dirt of the track - truck engines are obviously too powerful to pull a measly tractor) and made a last pass by the pig stables on my way out. They were having an informal competition where the parents of the children who showed their pigs had to take a turn in the showcase ring, trying to coerce the pigs to walk in circles with sticks. The children were the judges. It was a riot.

And here's the high point of the day - Earlier in the evening, while taking photos of the ferris wheel from the pig stables, the father of the gal who raised the prize-winning hog suggested I take some photos of her pig. While I forgot to get her name, I learned a few fascinating facts about raising pigs: 1. while growing, pigs will put on 3 lbs/day (seriously!), 2. the judges look for a meaty one with a light front and heavy back - that's where the yummy parts are - and 3. they still get eaten. I asked her if this pig would be somebody's dinner. "Yeah," she said, "probably on Tuesday."

I'm going back tomorrow...there's a demolition derby. And this time I'll remember to charge the camera battery. There are a few more photos on our FLICKR site:
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Harriet at: August 25, 2008 said...

Sara, great photos of the fair. We especially liked the cow getting a bath. The sunfower is really striking and we liked the serious portrait of the old camera. Glad it is still fun to use. Thanks for posting all this- we do love it.
Harriet and Jeff

Tom & Beth at: August 26, 2008 said...

love this one! Did you see the weiner dog races? They made it on the news here.. Our fair is this weekend- just county though- I can't wait!!! I LOVE it...frybread, candied apples, funnel cakes oh my!

Sara at: August 26, 2008 said...

oh yeah I saw the wiener dog races. I took a few photos, but they aren't very good. I'll get around to posting some on Flickr one of these weekends (my standard comment to posting photos). It was super funny to watch though - tiny little dogs racing towards toys on the finish line, or just weaving around in circles acting very confused. I ate a frybread. It was a bad choice.

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