Camera Woes and Experiments

Since the versatile Nikkor lens I have been using with our Nikon has started to stick, I took it in for repairs yesterday. The folks at Gordon's Photo Service said they will usually send the lenses back to Nikon to have them cleaned, as I expected. Turnaround time is anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks, so I am experimenting with Trent's other lens, a 70-300mm zoom. It's fun to play with, but I can't shoot anything closer than 5 feet away... Though not a super swell photographer, I'm still a camera addict - these next few weeks will be bleak indeed. Maybe I should get around to buying a new lens... I am, however, excited to have a break to learn some new photoshop tricks, finally look at the photos from Megan's wedding, and revisit some of the negatives from my parents' old Kodak Duaflex III. Most of my photos with this ancient beast come out grainy, blurry, and unfocused.... but it gives them a certain charm...

There are a number of photo groups on Flickr and elsewhere that are bringing sweet retro cameras back. One such method is through the viewfinder (or TtV) photography, where you take a photo of the subject through the viewfinder of your box camera. Check out this blog, Through the Viewfinder, and some photos using various ttv setups on Flickr, HERE. Sounds like fun, maybe i'll give it a shot; the actual film is hard to come by anymore, and shooting with the old camera usually involves grinding off the plastic reels to fit them in the camera.

In other news, the photos from the Elko trip are posted with that super long blog entry. Check them out. Cheers!
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tom at: August 19, 2008 said...

Hope your camera gets fixed before the wedding

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