Dogs and Grapes... or... Prices of Grapes Rises 1000%

You may have seen emails going around about the dangers of dogs eating grapes. We did. We thought - that'll never happen to us. The ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) reports that an unidentified toxin in grapes - organic or conventional, red or green, raw grapes/raisins or remnants from wine processing - can lead to renal failure and death in dogs who have ingested moderate amounts of grapes (see article HERE). Vets and owners are just beginning to recognize the signs of raisin and grape poison, and often not soon enough (read a vet's experience HERE). - Aside, for a link to poisonous garden and houseplants, click HERE.

Yesterday morning I washed a big collander of grapes and set them out on the counter to dry. While getting dressed for work, I heard the dogs fighting - it's usually over food - and came out to see what Chloe had found and wasn't sharing. It was grapes - she had grabbed a big bunch off the counter and eaten most of them, and was sharing the rest with Carson. I didn't think they had eaten many and wasn't worried when we put them in the dog run while we were at work. By evening, however, Chloe had vomited several times, and we started to worry. We called the APCC and based on our estimate of the amount ingested, recommended we take them to the emergency clinic. Since Chloe was sick, but Carson wasn't, we took baseline bloodwork to compare against Carson's kidney function today.

Chloe, however, spent the night eating charcoal and having her renal system flushed with IV fluids. Her treatment will continue through Sunday evening. She appears to be responding very well and the vet techs even took her for a walk this morning, but we won't know if we are out of danger for kidney failure until at least 48 hours after ingestion. Wish us luck - our little family just wouldn't be the same without our furry little Houdini.
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