Housework trick #1: fool yourself that it's an excuse for a social event

Since Kari and I both have rooms that we fear will fall into the category of "might never get finished...", we made a pact to trade painting work for bad jokes and beverages - she will help me paint our porch/living/utility room (formerly a cement slab porch), and I, in turn, will help her paint her spider-infested basement/laundry room.

Yay. And we kept our pact - one bottle of wine and a lot of Johnny Depp later (Pirates was on TV), the job at our house is finally finished! Here's the photos to prove it... What's that, you ask if Kari is really painting the back of my head?

Yes, yes she is.

This afternoon we're headed to S Lake Tahoe, past Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake, to Lily Lake - a party of 2 ladies and 4 very excited dogs. We'll park there and head up a few miles to Grass Lake. It's fairly exposed alpine country for most of the hike, but Kari's has never been around the western or southern sides of Lake Tahoe, so we'll make a few stops to get our thick, green forest fix. Hope you are likewise enjoying your Sunday!
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Trent at: August 06, 2008 said...

Is there a female equivalent to a bromance?

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