Queen of Grout

Yeah, that's right. I started the grout work on our new floor last night with Theresa. This floor, mind you, was a 5-month project that culminating in my surprise tiling completion while Trent was hunting (no, there's no way I did it myself - I hired Mitch, DRI's carpenter, who did an amazing job).

If only you didn't have to clean the extra grout off the tiles, the work would go so fast! But alas, while we watched that crazy Marylander Michael Phelps win yet another gold medal, we ran out of grouting steam and only managed a small 10-sq foot area. At this pace, I imagine I'll be the Queen of Grout for at least a week, getting another area done each night while those Olympians put me to shame...at least it still better than being the Queen of Gout for a week...or the Queen of Kraut.
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tom at: August 19, 2008 said...

I sure hope that we get to see your house and all the work you two have put into it. Keep up the good job of keeping us informed about your lives.

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