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This week's website finds follow a few photographers involved in some very interesting projects. Lauren, who T and I hung out with before Meg's wedding, has been working on a fascinating polaroid transfer project (see link to blog "Life on the Edge of Boredom" at right). I researched the process online and it's extremely hands-on intensive - soaking polaroid photos, peeling them apart, sticking the film to a paper backing to transfer the image, then soaking again in an acidic solution to neutralize the image development at just the right time (or something akin to what I've just described). Though I lack the patience and concentration for such a process, I appreciate the fact that due to the analog processing, each resulting image is completely unique and can't be reproduced.

Here's an experiment - a digital take on the textures that can be achieved with experimental analog photography. There's just not the same satisfaction when you don't do it in the darkroom though... it almost feels like cheating.

For our other artistic viewpoint, check out the hilarious global romps of the JumpingBoy project, which I found on Flickr (there's even a couple of Flickr groups devoted to this). This dad-son team spent a year taking a daily photo of the kid jumping in crazy positions and off of unusual objects. Brilliant!
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