No time, no time

No time to sort through hundreds and hundreds of photos for the few good ones. I'm making a bit of progress though. I figure I'll start with the most recent adventures, and go back in time. I figure that way the next few postings won't be too out of date, and by the time fall slinks in and brings a cold snap and golden leaves. we'll still be looking at photos of those good old, hot summer days. Sound like a good plan?

Last weekend Theresa and I hit up the Reno Rib Cook-Off. Yeah. There was a lot of meat there. You could smell it for miles around, no joke. And what a place to people watch! Seriously, check out this beehive - I even upped the retro vibe in the photo for appropriate film quality context. There are a few more on the Flickr site.
Next up: the wiener dog races at the NV State Fair. Photos aren't good quality, but the dogs are super funny. I miss having a dachshund.
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