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Ok, I have officially moved past the guilty feeling of not having created a photographic artwork in the dark room, and embraced the exciting possibilities of Photoshop.

I have my doubts that it will last long... soon the secret embarrassment of not having taken a great photo to start with will start lurking around and I'll have to start all over again working to manipulate the finished product through better control on the initial image recording. It's a see-saw: get excited about post-processing - drop post-processing because it feels like cheating - get bored with less exciting photos and slink back into Photoshop...
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Harriet at: September 14, 2008 said...

Sara, You are a very good photographer with an excellent eye and much imagination. So just keep learning and experimenting. (Don't disparage your work as Shawn once told me.) I have your wonderful books and now this great blog which so many of us enjoy. Just keep it up. Mom

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