A watched mailbox never boils...? Wait, that makes no sense..

Hi folks. Well, if you read this blog, there's probably something on its way to your mailbox. Yay! Please continue to check the wedding blog page for updates - hopefully this week I'll be able to set aside some time to finish filling in travel info, and outline a tentative plan for our big day. I think we'll provide one dessert dish (none of that standard giant wedding cake nonsense), but we'd like to ask our guests to bring another small dessert treat for the group. Your presence and some sweet treats are all we need!

P.S. If anyone in Flag sees Kt - tell her to quit lurking around our corner of the blogosphere and start saying Hi..... her creepy stare is giving my blog the heebie-jeebies.

These are our invitations. And that's our dog with her tongue in a bad place.
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Karen at: September 11, 2008 said...

please tell me the dogs didn't help lick the seal on the invitations....eewww.

Sara at: September 11, 2008 said...

Silly Karen, the logistics of a dog licking an envelope are much too complicated. No, I collected drool in a jar and used a brush to wet the glue...

katiejo at: September 15, 2008 said...

Should have known you would call me out. Got your invite on Sat! very artsy... I thought you were a scientist? you aren't supposed to be able to use both sides of your brain.

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