..and right on into Winter...

This morning the dogs and I tested their new Halti leads on a hike up Galena Creek.
[thanks to Kari for being the super-human genius she is, and being persistent in her insistence that we buy Haltis - it's almost like we bought new dogs...]
We had a lovely trot through the trees, the yellow aspens so vibrant against the dark green of the pines and the gleaming silver of the low and heavy snowclouds. Yeah, I said snowclouds. It snowed on Mt. Rose all morning, and we turned back when we had hiked just high enough to find the ambient air temperature balancing precariously between the rain and snow zones, the clouds spitting a fine melted snow mist down on us. Trent in Oregon, and I in NV both shared a Flagstaff reminiscing moment today; he says the country around Lakeside is very similar in both vegetation and topography to Flagstaff, and my hike reminded me so much of the annual tradition of hiking into the Inner Basin during the few weeks when the aspens are changing. Ahh, Flagstaff falls...

In other news, here's a few shots from the drive over to SF a few weekends ago. Yay, long exposures on the highway....

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Harriet at: October 06, 2008 said...

My comments from the previous entry got lost, so here goes again. We loved your descriptions of the damp snow in the mountains with the aspens. So glad the dogs behave better with the new halties, or whatever. I remember trying to walk Carson, fun but he won I think.
Lots of love,
Mom Harriet

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