Junkyard Tales

Trent is home for this next week before we head down to AZ for the big celebration, so we're trying to cram in as much home repair and otherwise manly tasks as we can over the next few days. At the top of the list - get warm! Last night we replaced the pellet stove in its original position and taped off the last part of the new floor to be grouted tomorrow. The draftiest room in the house is now the warmest.... now it's just up to me to [grudgingly] finish the grout work (I just HAD to pick to difficult floor...) and we can move our furniture back in there! Yay, warm winter sunroom!

Today's exciting highlight: the junkyard. Our second major task this week is to get my old Subaru in top working condition again so we can collect a good price for it. It has sat on the street too long, and has a lurching roll that the Subaru mechanic tells me is probably a result of tire flattening. Bummer; that means a new set of tires. We saved a bunch of green on the other parts we needed though.... by visiting our local salvage yard. Oh, what an adventure it was - though watching the old mechanic rapidly strip parts off a younger Outback with a blown motor for my 1996 was somewhat akin to witnessing a twisted Subaru cannibalism ritual... In the end, we ran off with an entire emergency brake assembly, a wheel and tire, and a set of sun visors for a savings of at least $300 in parts (the dealer wanted $150 just for the e-brake; we got ours for $35!), along with an additional $150 in labor. Next up: install the new battery, new tires, interior detailing. Anybody want to buy a lovingly restored 1996 Outback?? Mom, Dad??
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Harriet at: October 12, 2008 said...

Hi Sara and Trent, What a busy weekend but how much you got done! Being able to fix cars, something we have never done ourselves, is wonderful. So glad you are warm in your newly floored sun room--sounds so inviting.
Wish we could use the Outback but we really only need one car. We just gave the old Honda to Jeff's friend Bob in return for fixing the furnace.
So looking forward to next week, seeing you both, and the wedding!
Mom and Dad J

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