Welcome Fall!

Yeah.... so I guess it's been a while since we've posted anything... it has been a crazy few weeks. Trent was up in Idaho for work, then NV, then home, then hunting in Oregon, and now back to OR for work. Here at the house, we hosted a visiting professor and his wife for a week while I took them apartment hunting, and tried to teach them how to navigate the grocery store, the bus system, Reno proper, and American society in general.... did I mention they speak Russian? Let's just say it was a tiring week for Trent and I, though we enjoyed their company, learned a few russian words, and ate some great homemade beef stroganoff. Whew!

Today I think we can safely welcome fall back to the Basin and Range. Steely gray clouds are sweeping through town, the aspens are changing on the peaks, and I think there might be dusting of snow up on Mt. Rose. And here's a scene right out of the definition of cliche: I'm sitting in front of the first fire of the season in our fireplace, burning snapping and popping pine that Trent felled last week and we chopped and stacked over the weekend (he split and I stacked - me + axe = disaster in the making), drinking hot chocolate and watching the dogs play in front of the fire. Seriously, there might be a picture of us next to "modern homesteader" in the encyclopedia.

Yay Fall!

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