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We are turning into blog slackers, which is a deplorable habit. Why bother to keep one if you're never going to update it, eh?

So here's the news in brief: wedding was lovely, I keep sharing this tidbit with folks here in town. We will post photos when I remember to get the camera out of the truck, and make a bigger dent in Megan's wedding photos. One wedding set at a time...

Thanks much to all of our guests for our fabulous gifts; we haven't made waffles yet, but we did use the money for a gorgeous set of dishes and some Calphalon pans. They are sweeeet.

Trent was in the field today for a field trip with Yamana and I sat in the office and entered soils data. Not much news there. I'm headed to Orlando in early December for an Army science conference.... I get to man our booth and brag about our DoD projects at DRI. Maybe I'll try to swing up to Ball-da-mer while I'm on the east coast.

Not much other news. Fall is out and Winter is here to stay, so it seems. Here's
tonight's digital photographic illustration project - let's fact it, you can't exactly call it a 'photo' anymore - a reminder of golden fall.

Thick and rough gray gloom hung over the mountains today, stretching silver arms down into town now and again to spread a little rain and wind. We had a few glimpses of the blinding white caps on the Sierras today though; after 2 days of socked in gray, I know Trent is hopeful this is the first taste of another super-snowcone ski season.
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Trent at: November 04, 2008 said...

I thought that photo was from Northern California.

Sara at: November 05, 2008 said...

One or the other... it was on the way somewhere. Your memory is better than mine.

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