Oh, that other wedding.

Don't let that title discourage you. I'm making some really neat projects out of Megan and Eric's wedding photos. I got so excited about these ones, reminiscent of the faded photographs of my parents' 70s hippy-fest - uh, I mean wedding - photos, that I just had a to share a few with you!

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Tom & Beth at: November 25, 2008 said...

these are super cool- are you doing this all with PS or are some of them (like OR ones) that polaroid thing you were talking about before.. I could see doing the wedding ones in PS but the others are beyond my clicking realm. super cool!

Sara at: November 25, 2008 said...

THanks Beth! Nope, all are photoshopped. It's just layering with other textures and effects. Nothing crazy. I like how they turned out though!

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