Rainy nights in Lakeside

Why haven't we taken a honeymoon?, everyone always asks us. Well, I say, that's because we are always exploring new places and touring the country, because every weekend is a new adventure. This weekend - Lakeside, OR! Ok, the exclamation point was overkill....it's dreary and cold here, and folks must have evolved to not need tastebuds in this part of the state...

I think I can say with absolute certainty that we've just eaten the worst meal we have ever had to pay for. Two images from dinner: 1)Trent had a steak so devoid of delicious steaky taste and scent, it was like they marinated it first in dirty dishwater, cooked it up, and then stole $20 from him in return, and 2) our meat courses were accompanied by a pile of gelatinous, pea-and-carrot-shaped, tastless goo masquerading as the veggies. I wasn't actually aware that you could find vegetables any softer than those Veg-all cans... until now. Soup was good though, so it wasn't a total wash.

On the weekend's upside - a big upside - we've been touring the numerous hot springs in the vicinity. Today's hit was the Summer Lake Hotsprings, run by old hippies, and home to a misshapen cat. There's a large indoor pool, but we preferred to relax in the tiny, stone-lined outdoor pool. Ahhhhh, a perfect 105 deg F, tucked between glowing golden grass and an impending lightning storm. Glorious! That exclamation point was well-deserved.

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Harriet at: November 11, 2008 said...

Your adventurous life is a joy for all of us to follow. What new mini-honeymoon will show up next week? Great photos of old barns and you and Trent look so happy in the hot tub.
Mom H and Dad J

tom at: November 12, 2008 said...

You make those week-end getaways sound like "times to remember" and your pictures add to it. Seeing you two together and happy is reward enough for us.

Tom and Marsha

Sara at: November 12, 2008 said...

Oh you parents are so cute! Thanks Moms and Dads.

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