age cures boredom - - OR - - date night, solo

While Trent and a buddy watched our local minor league baseball team, the Reno Aces, lose terribly to Sacramento, I took myself on a date. When I was a kid, boredom was my prison. I had a hard time spending time alone, a hard time finding something to amuse myself. Whining and heavy flopping around on the sofa often ensued, and my dad would get irritable... it wasn't a pretty sight.

Nowadays, the thought of spending a night at the bookstore, arms packed with magazines of photography and books about the politics of science, a half-caff coffee, and a warm sweater (it's really not necessary to refrigerate the books , Book Mega-store... it's not milk) is my idea of a perfect, solitary date. In fact, it's been so long since I've just relaxed with some good reading material, I actually fantasize about going to the bookstore. Only improvement? Maybe Trent, to bounce ideas off of - he plays the part of fascinated listener quite well.

Photos tonight - a study in sara, inspired by my recently acquired ability to amuse myself (and my new bangs, which sometimes invoke French indie film heroine, and sometimes bring me back to the awkward and unsightly time of elementary school hair).

How was your night? I hope you've kept yourselves sufficiently entertained.

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Harriet at: July 07, 2009 said...

Hi Sara,
What fun I have had catching up on the blog after several missed weeks. You have been prolific!
Love your new bangs; lovely Lilly; the prescious cousins; and Trent in triplicate. It looks as if the new camera box works really well and I loved the retro photos of Nevada City? (forgot the name already but I want to go there sometime.)
So glad your idea of a great evening is going to the book store. A true librarian's daughter.
Keep up the great work. Harriet

Karen at: July 12, 2009 said...

love your bangs! They look great! Chris and I poached the wave this weekend. It was waaaaay better when we went. It is so stupid hot this time of year! I thought I might die a very unflattering death from heat stroke.

Tom & Beth at: July 14, 2009 said...

I LOVE YOUR BANGS!!! So happy you went for it.. definite french film star..
I love you boredom description- I can absolutely remember doing being bored is such a luxury.. as is being alone.. :)

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