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I am always in the wrong place at the wrong season.  Maybe I'm a cheap jerk?  Maybe I just can't stand crowds?  Maybe I love being forced to eat at the only place that's open in town during the off-season -- i mean, who doesn't love a frozen chicken patty on a stale bun for lunch, right?

Or maybe experiencing a place in its entirety means seeing it when it's unseasonably moody?  Maybe it means experiencing that place when the beautify of its solitude—the detail in its subtle color,  the surprise of an otherwise unappreciated storm rolling in—is rich enough to overwhelm the feeling of a jacket soaked through, of a set of chilly toes, of a sticky, sandy car interior.  

A favorite combination of mine is a moody day and the hazy images from the vintage Kodak TTV set-up, which looks more centenarian memory than recent foray.  Here's a bunch from spring trips: northern Oregon, the North Vancouver neighborhood, and most recently, the San Juan Islands (Orcas, Fidalgo and Whidbey).

And hey, speaking of centenarian memories... please, readers, take a moment to silently congratulate my amazing and adventurous Grandmother Sara on recently celebrating her 99th birthday and delicately stepping through her 100th year!
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Katie at: June 12, 2013 said...

Beautiful photos, as always. You need to post more.

I've had some of the best vacations ever during the off season - Costa Rice in the rainy season? not only it is 50% less to travel there and even more reduced prices while you are there (on everything from lodging to tours), but there are no crowds! I had the beach to myself nearly every morning. Sure, it rained every afternoon, but I'll take a deserted beach for half a day over a packed beach for a full day.

In conclusion: post more. You'll get more comments from me. :D

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