white in gray.

Winter here is G-R-A-Y... or G-R-E-Y, if you must .... And with the dark dose of gray, comes the migration of thousand and thousands of birds. Seeking refuge from a brighter and harsher northern winter, we've got enormous populations of winter birds in BC. A favorite of mine is the bevy of swans that scavenge in the fallow fields of the Skagit Valley, which we'll call a 'whiteness of swans' on a more poetic day. And while these are generally marvelled at when zipping by at high speed, the birds at Boundary Bay can be observed at a more leisurely pace in the gaping dawn of a very wintry morning. For some, it's a daily or weekly obsession; for me a passing fascination. Here's the scene from a damp day last year.

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Melissa Scott Sinclair at: January 10, 2014 said...

These photos are incredibly beautiful. You make me want to run outside on a winter day instead of hiding away.

barrett at: February 06, 2014 said...

The first photo is awesome, seriously...awesome.

Carolyn at: March 14, 2014 said...

i love this set, each is a beautiful photo, but i concur with your friend, the first photo in the group is AMAZING!!! I would love to buy all 4 of the owl photos!!!

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